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Hello, comrade!

Have you ever been in Eastern Europe? No? Oh, so you have never played a truly slavic game "Dogoni menya kirpich" (Catch me, Brick!) that every child plays in these countries.

In this game you will be faced with gopniks (check urban dictionary) with bricks. Actually you are gopnik too.

How to play

* walk around, dodge from flying bricks
* pick up lying brick
* aim to other guy
* press and hold left mouse button to increase power of throw
* release mouse button to fire!
* don't forget to pick up powerups


WASD - walking
Mouse - aiming
Left Mouse Button - throwing a brick

It's multiplayer game!

You need to have a friend to play with. Because we started a small server on the Heroku, sometimes it takes around 20 seconds to first connection. But do not be afraid, we have tickRate of 50.

We create telegram chat for everyone who wants to play our game. Special Bot notify when somebody starts playing game. Enjoy! https://telegram.me/joinchat/BECxPgbr-stX3-2z37Zyo...

Vote for our team on the LudumDare jam!



From Siberia 🇷🇺 with love ❤️ and bears 🐻!

Install instructions

To run game just do double click. If it's not working run from the console

java -jar squatality_2.0.jar

Cross platform, required java runtime environment(jre) Download java

So, okay, this is a network game. Game assumes that you have friends to play with over Internet.


squatality_2.0.jar 23 MB

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